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About Us

Your Child Is in Great Hands



We strive to ensure that your child’s future is filled with exploration, excitement and adventure on their educational journey. Early learning depends upon experiences which have a lasting impact on future educational success. We believe that play is a foundation of this learning. While engaging in play, children make choices, talk to one another, negotiate, and use imaginative creative expressions. It is these experiences, which enable children to practice appropriate social and emotional skills. Independence, competence, and increased self-esteem grow in the process. We acknowledge that it is essential for children to feel safe so they are able to make these choices. A nurturing, consistent environment enables the physical, emotional, social, and cognitive needs of each child to be met.

Health & Safety

The Health & Safety of our children and staff are most important.  We have taken extreme measures to ensure our center is Covid safe and ready.  All of our teachers have been tested and vaccinated, helping to reduce the spread of the virus.  Our building has limited who can come into our facility and everyone's temperature will be taken at the door.  We are safe and ready to accept your child(ren).

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